Slip Dresses


    The slip dress is a prized fashion piece that has been trending since the 90's. This quintessential piece consists of a satin or silk sheath, usually with spaghetti straps, which you can wear underneath other layers.[#more] When it comes to styling a slip dress, your options are endless. They are the ultimate layering pieces, and you can wear them underneath a chunky <a href="">knit</a>, a floor-length coat or even a ski jacket. In warmer weather, you can wear your slip dress by itself and let your footwear dictate the personality of your outfit. Go back to the 90s with a simple strappy sandal, or you can combine your slip dress with knee-high boots to create an authentic street style. If you want to wear your slip dress to <a href="">work</a>, add a simple blazer and court shoes and you're good to go.[/more]