At Runway Scout, it is a priority to focus on our sustainability across all aspects of the business. From donations to recyclable packaging, we are committed to making a more positive impact on our planet. We are on a continuous journey to find new ways to improve our business and implement these processes. We appreciate your ongoing support!
From the very beginning, Runway Scout has prioritised giving back to the community and helping those in need. We continue to donate and redistribute any out-of-season stock to a number of businesses that support homelessness and women's shelters.
We have partnered with a unique organisation, Thread Together, who are recognised by the Fashion Industry as the most ethical solution to fashion excess. They pride themselves on providing unsold clothing to those in need, whilst also protecting the environment by saving these items from landfill.
We are on a journey to continue phasing out single-use plastic packaging across our business. We have teamed up with Better Packaging Co, a carbon neutral company, who focuses on a zero waste process.
Our new POLLAST!C mailers are made from 100% ocean-bound plastic pollution rescued from coastal communities in Southeast Asia.
We ask that you reuse your POLLAST!C bag and recycle it with your soft plastics.
The team at Runway Scout are passionate about reducing their footprint and have implemented a number of processes to help make this happen.
All of our plastics packaging is recycled and collected weekly, with garments being repackaged into our POLLAST!C mailers.
With reducing plastic use at the forefront of our mind, it is important to our team to ensure they aren't using single-use water bottles - instead, we have re-usable water bottles around the office!
Our team is committed to focusing on fabric education & garment longevity, to ensure our customers are receiving high quality, timeless pieces. We are constantly growing our fabric offering & will continue to educate ourselves on additional sustainable fabric solutions for our business.
The majority of our exclusive designs are produced with organic, natural fibres - one of these being, Linen. It is one of the most biodegradable fabrics in the industry & can be produced without damaging the environment. Other fabrications with high focus at Runway Scout include Cotton, Cupro and many more.
Our accessory bags have also been designed to promote re-use and longevity for our customers, in another way to help reduce our plastic use.
At Runway Scout, we recognise the large impact the Fashion Industry has on our environment & with this in mind, we always strive to reduce our order quantities to ensure we aren't left with excess stock.